T. Casey Brennan

The pseudo-definitive INRI archives
of comics' most vocal MK-ULTRA victim.

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T. Casey Brennan shot John F. Kennedy. At least, that's what his stories say. I began corresponding with Mr. Brennan several years ago, when I replied to a post he made on a comic book mailing list. I've published one of his stories (Conjurella Fever) in The Stork, and I think I'm even mentioned in his latest offering.

Mr. Brennan has written several acounts of the events that he has witnessed (and taken part in). With this website I will attempt to preserve his writings for posterity. I've been offering him web space for quite a while now, so it's past time for me to get off my duff and throw this together. Please enjoy, and drop him a line if you have time.

  • The Complete Mark Thornally Illustrated Version of Jackie of the Old Places

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  • conjurella fever
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  • necronomicon monks
  • conjurella pt. 2
  • jackie of the old places

  • T. Casey Brennan fan pages.

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